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Two Sided is an online manga © Alice H. 2002-2005

Welcome to my little online manga. I hope people enjoy what I have worked so hard on. I hope to update every friday if possible.

Dec 31, 06: omg end of the year and i updated o-o; lol, got up to page 13 done! Jan 20th, 06: Got page 6 up!!!!!!!!! T.T finally got another char introduced T_T;;; wonder how long it'll take me to draw to chapter 4 == that's when the third main char shows up *sigh*
got about up! Finally!
Jan 12th, 06: Got time to make page 5! T_T *finally* and still trying to figure out why the counter won't work ><;
Jan 11th, 06: happy new year everyone ToT havent got any time to make up new pages T_T and my printer broke =.='' so bleh
Nov 17th, 05: Finished a colored pic of shelia!
Nov 13th, 05: I made the web! Will post more things in here. Stay in tuned!

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