Two Sided is an online manga © Alice H. 2002-2005

About the Manga

Shelia - a criminal in the Kingdom Synister has always tried to escape from her prison. Finally, she was put under the charge of the 2nd son of the King.
Darryl - 2nd son of the Kingdom Synister. He is well known for his bad temper and neglectment in others. All he ever want is for his father to look at him once.
How will their future hold and how is fate going to decide their path?

Ya that was a crappy introduction until I think up a better one XP;;
I have been planning Two Sided since 2001 but have finally start to launch it in 2006! O.o I was trying to launch the Two Sided end of 2004 but due to my laziness it was postponed.
Note: This is not a shoujo manga =.=' There are some part that might look like it though, hey I'm a girl ok? =_='' Please do not take my art without my permission.